Tech News: Apple Surprisingly Enables AirPlay 2 Support for Age Old AirPort Express

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AirPlay 2 Support
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Apple has recently enabled AirPlay 2 audio system support for its ancient and kind of obsolete wifi router AirPort Express. The news undoubtedly appeared as a shocking surprise to a number of digital marketing companies as the market had started to think that Apple has put the device on the doorstop.

No doubt, the old iPhones don’t have much reuse value but if your old AirPort router is placed peacefully in a dust-covered case, it’s probably the time you want to take it out, have a peek on its design, and use it to convert your home into a music station.

The AirPlay 2 support firmware update was initially rolled out for the second generation AirPort Express routers. The firmware update won’t support the company’s router with older configurations i.e. the first-gen ones.

One can find the confirmation of the update on Apple’s AirPlay 2 support to 802.11n AirPort Express base stations. On the other hand, the tech giant put a full stall on further AirPort Express production or refreshment in the router line since 2013.

Being older, it has the very feature that other wireless routers don’t have - the ability to connect to a speaker through an audio port. Undoubtedly Apple didn’t have thought that it would deliberately roll out a firmware update 5 years after it stopped innovation in the series.

Don’t go under the weather if you missed the AirPort Express deal 5 years ago and instantly felt a hunch that this is the time you should get one, you can still buy at a discounted price of $50. Recently, Apple took a step forward to jump into the home automation and joined ‘The Thread Group’.

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