Weird but Catchy: Graphic Designers! Check This Out (Part 1)

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Graphic Designers
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Remember the Mona Lisa and The Starry Night? These two most famous paintings in the world of art still make the connoisseurs ponder. With a few pallets of color in a hand and a brush in another, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh created masterpieces that the history could never be able to throw in a pit of the forgotten trash.

Both the painters, especially the Leonardo, were the jack of all cards and master of one. The perfection they attained in their art was not an overnight happening. It took years of keen observation, practice, and most importantly - experiments. Afterall, one can’t assume how better an alteration will appear until they actually experiment, fail, and experiment again.

That’s exactly what today’s website designing companies need to teach their designing staff. Being a graphic designer in 2018, is identical to being a painter of the 16th century. Being a graphic designer, if you don’t improve your designs over time, Vincis and Goghs of the modern world will step on your shoulder and jump ahead, giving a subtle halt to your success.

Experimenting with your designs today is as important as it was 200 years ago. And while some designers are stretching their lazy arms and legs in their comfort zones, others are coming up with but some ‘Wicked yet Attractive’ experiments. Look at these:

1. Negative Space Typography

Power to manipulate, ability to bind attention, and the sheer capability to hit the emotions. Negative space typography gives you all these combined. A graphic designer can get as creative as he wants to and instill a meaning as deep as he strives to use just the words and the negative space.


2. Insertion of Double Light

Sometimes the beauty of an image needs more colors to be reflected beautifully. The double light effect can revive and beautify even the simplest of pictures. It’s distinct, it’s catchy and that’s why, it’s emerging and being loved unconditionally among the designers. By the way, you should feel no restrictions as to which and how many colors should be used in a picture. Want to use red+blue? Go for it. Love green, pink, and yellow? Why not? You’ve got the absolute authority here.


3. Double Exposure

Do you eat salad? Think of a plate of salad full with cucumbers and another one containing finely chopped cucumber and tomato. Which one do you assume, will look better? Of course the later one. The blend of the two different veggies adds contrast and colors to the plate’s appearance, making it appear more attractive. Same goes for the Double Exposure graphic designing. See the examples that how blending two separate entities can create an unforgettable effect:

7 6

Seeing the great lengths to which the world of graphic designing is extending is really staggering. And the speed at which it’s extending really, calls upon the necessity to keep learning, keep improving. However, there’s way more than to the aforementioned trends. Don’t miss the Weird but Catchy: Graphic Designers! Check This Out (Part 2)Happy experimenting!

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