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SITSL Advantages for
Oil & Gas Industry

  • Lowered Capital Expenditure through Digital Infusion
  • Exploration and Encampment in New Grounds Made Easy
  • Improved Monitoring of Oil and Gas Lines
  • Advanced Process Control for Intrafirm Operations
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Use Cases

Better Monitoring and Reduced Possibilities of Pitfalls Comes Bundled with Tech in the Oil Industry
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Connected Systems. Better Control

Internet of Things

A subtle interconnection along with a prompt centralized control among compact to gigantic devices implies rhythmic sync in co-dependent operations, keeping the unabridged process in a line. In case of a possible risk, the centralized control enables to prevent massive damages.

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Analysis of the Towering Sets of Data Results in Better Decisions

Big Data Analytics

A big amount of data is generated daily in the oil and gas industries which after the acquisition, get further analyzed to develop 3D models of earth surface and finding the possibilities of a reservoir. Our innovation in big data lets the oil industry experience a high level of automation in analytics.