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SITSL Advantages for
the Insurance Industry

  • Advanced Data Collection for Better Risk Identification
  • Infusing Big Data & Blockchain for Actionable Insights and Security
  • Improved Customer Experience and Lower Commission
  • We Annihilate Complex Internal Processes in Insurance Firms
industrial-tag The Grasp of Technology and Innovation is a Boon for Insurance Industry

Use Cases

Modern technologies are attacking the pain points of the regulatory chain and refining them with ease.
insurance ai SITSL.IO

Identifying Customer Choices and Patterns.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next step in the insurance industry. It helps to identify the micro-moments which prompt consumers to make insurance policy purchase decisions. Moreover, it can make most pitching attempts successful through automatically setting patter timings.

big data SITSL.IO

In the Insurance Industry, Data is Power.

Big Data

Data flows through the insurance industry and keeps it running and energized in all odds. Raw customer data is sieved to cull out valuable one which paves the path to gain effective, and actionable insights. That ultimately enhances all consulting and pitching attempts.