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What Does
It Do?


Enable virus protection and makes sensitive information invulnerable to hackers.


Run various security scans over hardware and several systems connected to the internet.


Secure digital space by preventing cyber-attacks and security breach attempts.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security?

  • Keep a Website Up & Running

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

  • Restrain Virus Attacks

  • Prevent Data Loss

  • Offer Unmatched Utility

  • Long-Term Credibility

  • Keep a Website Up & Running

  • Enable Encrypted Communications

  • Keep Sensitive Information Safe

What Sets Us Apart

SITSL redefines all the security measurements and standards with modern tools, strategic approaches, deep insights, and detailed analysis.


Thorough Loophole Auditing


No Financial Loss


Preventing Data from Getting Stolen

security tools

State-of-the-Art Security Tools


Refraining Your Business from Data Theft

result driven

Result-Driven Approach


Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation


Robust Vulnerability Patching


Maximum Protection Against Ransomwares


High-End Quality & Affordability


In-Depth Analysis


Refined & Long-Term Solutions

Types of Testing We Provide

Following the several different testing segments such as white, Gray, or Black Box testing, SITSL ensures to offer the best solutions and patches.

    Gray Box Testing

  • Security Level: Intermediate
  • Some Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: User

    Black Box Testing

  • Security Level: High
  • Zero Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: Attacker
Types of testing

    White Box Testing

  • Security Level: Average
  • Full Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: Developer

    Benefits of Testing

  • Detection of Breacholes
  • Data Vulnerability Checking
  • Effective Patching

Our Cyber Security Offerings

Having secured cyberspace for your business becomes easier with our cybersecurity offerings. Come and digitally shield your web or app portals.

  • Regression Audit

    Evaluate the security of your website

  • Remediate

    Fix the code deficiencies

  • Reports

    Get a range of suggestions for improvement

  • High-Level Security

    An extreme level of security provided

  • Scan & Detect

    Let us find and fix the breaches

  • Exploit

    Prevent data exploitation

  • Cyber Crime Consultancy

    Our consultants help you secure your data

  • POC with Instructions

    Get determine feasibility

  • Manual Testing

    We provide assured quality

  • Vulnulabrity Patching Support

    Decrease the risks of Vulnulabrity

  • Priority Based Auditing

    If you have something on priority, let us know.

  • Annual Security Reports

    Keep an eye on your security with annual reports

cyber security

Hello English

Hello English, a renowned English learning app with a 10 million user base needed the vulnerable holes patched up with utmost security. After the audit, the developers were in a state of shock and they immediately patched the vulnerabilities found and they haven't had a security breach till now.


A 17-year-old institution in Jaipur had the possible SQL injection vulnerabilities taken care of through our state-of-the-art VAPT solutions. We did our investigation and found out that the website was vulnerable and was hacked not just once but multiple times by various hackers. Then we fixed the loopholes that were inviting the breaches.

cyber security

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