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SITSL Advantages for
the Retail Industry

  • In-Depth Analytics for Personalized Product Pages
  • Store-Visitors Data Helps in Converting Visitors into Regulars
  • Product Trials in 3D through Augmented Reality
  • Revolution in Retail Advertising by 3D Holograms
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Use Cases

AR/VR will Dramatically Transform the Retail Industry by 2022
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Diminishing the Dilemma to Explore Massive Sets of Products

Artificial Intelligence

Highly personalized, Artificial Intelligence-powered suggestions will identify the likes and dislikes of customers and assist them to get away with their shopping spree sooner than ever. It will analyze visitor patterns in stores and offer valuable insights to enhance the business.

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3D Advertisements and Trial Assistants have Already Been Deployed


The capability to test (try) a product on a 3D modeling screen, without having to do it in real life, transfers copious time in a customer’s hands. Furthermore, Augmented Reality-enabled 3D advertisement attempts have witnessed extraordinary customer response rates.