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SITSL Advantages for
CPG Marketers

  • Developing more personalized products for consumers
  • Proactively monitoring customer’s demands and preferences
  • Enabling CPG companies to grow their customer strength
  • The visibility that can gain leverage over existing competition
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Use Cases

Enabling CPGS to Easily Communicate with Their Clients by Sending the Right Information
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Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience by Leveraging Mobile Technology


Internet of things is establishing a network (connection) among things (devices & vehicles) for better control, improved communication, and minimized productivity loss. Our inventions empower mining industries with Microseismic & Personnel Monitoring, workforce safety, and better management & communication capabilities.

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Improving Supply Chain And Operational Efficiency Through Smart Sensors


Earlier consumer packaged goods companies used to rely on the retailers to understand the in-store retail experience of the end-consumers but, with IOT they get wider opportunities to directly interact with the customers. They can even develop strategic relationships with retailers in the long run by using IOT.