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Bots Equipped with Machine Learning, Dialog Intelligence, and Sentiment Analysis

We are a Global Leader in Producing Robust Enterprise Bots

Omni-Channel Capabilities

Ability to Move Conversation from One Platform to Another

Learn as They Go

Machine Learning Enables Bots to Understand Human Intent

Ongoing Test & Debugging

Continuous Debugging Leads to Perfectness and Artificial Intelligence


Bots Stay Protected to Foreign Code Intervention

Open Platform Adeptness

Efficiently Toggle Between Distinct Components as Per the Needs.

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Our Bots Empower Following Industries

Chatbots have been proven prolific for a range of enterprises. Following are the primary of them:


Improved Productivity Through Better Communication
  • Shift managers
  • Vendor enquiries
  • Store requisition
  • Shift managers
manufacturing gra

Call Centers

Employment Cost Reduction
  • Billing assistant
  • Context-driven replies
  • Real-time query solver
  • Personal account management
call center


Improved Conversation Among Employees and to Customers
  • Social CRM
  • IT Ticketing bot
  • Sales assistant bot
  • Reception/Enquiry bot
  • Post-sales assistant bot
enterprise bot


Operational Aids & Efficient Symptoms Diagnosis
  • Symptom diagnosis
  • Child/Elderly health
  • Home remedy suggestions
  • Doctor appointment bookings
  • Emergency response assistant
health care


Personalized Article Suggestions Catering to Every Reader
  • Ticket booking
  • Media search bot
  • Sport, theatre, event
  • Personalized news feeds
news media


Effective Enquiry Handling
  • Legal assistance bot
  • Personal finance bot
  • Stock market movement
  • Automatic bank balance tellers
finance gra

Hospitality & Travel

Intelligence, Personalized Trip Planning Assistance
  • City tour guides
  • Flight data teller
  • Taxi booking bots
  • Reservation managers
  • Personal travel assistants
hospitly travel

Oil & Gas Industry

Improved Communication with Internal & External
  • Real-Time Quantity Measurement
  • AI-Assistance to Employees
  • Effective Action Suggestions
  • Intelligent Alerts
ai oli

Next Generation, Enterprise-Ready Solutions

With Each Step, Our Bots Get Smarter, Better, and More Productive

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Conversation & Assistance Fueled by AI

Intelligence Suggestions

Saving Customers and Business Time

Ameliorated Messaging

Infographics and Video Empowered Messages that Make the Conversation Engaging

Step-by-Step Tutorials

AI can Help People Efficiently Learn to Use a Product/Service without Human Intervention

artificial intelligence
Scalability and Flexibility

Scope for Scalability in All Phases

There’s Always a Scope for Improvement and We Make it Count.

Ongoing Maintenance

With New Technologies Emerging Every Year, We Incorporate them in the Chatbot frequently

Improved Interface and Control Over Time

For Better Control Over the Bot’s Functionality, We Improve the Interface Gradually

scalability flexibility
Advanced Communication

Multiple Chatbots for Distinct Requirements

Chatbots for Different Roles

Multiple bots to handle sales, marketing, & customer-assistance operations individually

Platform Intelligence

Bots that understand, learn, remember, and grow better during conversations

Simulating the Audience

Understanding a User’s Objectives in more Effectively In a Conversation

advance comm

Social Chatbot Integrations

Build a Facebook messenger chatbot or for any other social messaging channels

  • amazon
  • microsoft
  • google
  • messenger
  • telegram
  • viber


ICICI bank’s very own chatbot assistant through which, account holders can check their balance, transfer funds, and accomplish any kind of recharge. The spectacular Chatbot once developed, not only adopted the app’s theme but, at the same time, it successfully handled all the aforementioned features.


The Titan bot lets users apply a number of filters including price-range, theme, color, and collection of watches and thus, saves plenty of time. Titan’s Facebook app chatbot is one-of-its-kind chatbot that depicted all the features that the client wanted to comprise, in a great way.


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