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SITSL Advantages for

  • Next generation highly effective automation technologies
  • Access to medical records information in real time and in one view
  • Delivering value across the entire healthcare supply chain management
  • Creating a network effect with the most meaningful data
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Use Cases

Healthcare Industry is Identifying New Ways to Redefine Its Paradigms with Growing Technology
healthcare ai SITSL.IO

Quickly Mining the Medical Records Data to Boost the Healthcare Service Delivery


Artificial intelligence has the capacity to analyze and process a huge amount of data faster than any human. With these capabilities, some of the AI based apps are helping the doctors to predict which treatment or drug is required to treat a patient and make accurate diagnoses on time.

healthcare ar-vr SITSL.IO

Empowering Medical Practitioner to Cure and Treat the Patients Promptly


Immersive technologies AR/VR are relevant to both, be it the care delivery providers or the patients. While providers are using them to study human anatomy and to do medical practices, patients are using them to cure various phobias and other mental health disorders.