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SITSL Advantages for

  • Empowering smart and sustainable farming
  • Embracing the latest digital transformation trends in agriculture
  • Improving the potential of farming resources
  • Providing up to date information to the farmers in real-time with advanced sensors
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Use Cases

AgTech is rapidly changing the agriculture industry and helping farmers to yield more sustainably
agriculture iot SITSL.IO

Bringing Effectiveness Into the Agricultural Production to Create Smart Future


The recent statistics depict that there is extreme potential for using the IoT in the agriculture industry. For now, it is using advanced sensors on farming equipment and materials to simplify and streamline the collection, inspection and overall distribution of agricultural resources.

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Creating Proficient Forecasts for Future Farming with New AI Algorithms


AI has a great potential to enhance the manufacturing aspect of agriculture. Apart from mining and predicting which traits and genes will be the best for crop production, AI self-driving and GPS enabled tractors will program routes and automatically navigate their way across the fields.