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SITSL Advantages for
the Mining Industry

  • Impressive Contract Management for Hassle-Free Workforce Deployment
  • Optimized Production Workflows for Maximum Output
  • Plausible Communication Among Teams
  • Personnel Tracking to Minimize Productivity Loss & Idle Hours
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Use Cases

Technology Brings Ease of Communication and Multifold Productivity in the Mining Industry
mining industry iot SITSL.IO

All Vehicles, Devices Connected for Efficient Resource Mangement & Tracking

Internet of Things

Internet of things is establishing a network (connection) among things (devices & vehicles) for better control, improved communication, and minimized productivity loss. Our inventions empower mining industries with Microseismic & Personnel Monitoring, workforce safety, and better management & communication capabilities.

mining industry ar-vr SITSL.IO

Simulator Training to Minimize On-Site Hazards.


Resembling to that of pilot training sessions in the aerospace industry, Augmented and Virtual Reality technology can change the future of the mining industry as well. We enable simulator training in mining so the workforce can understand equipment, procedures, and possible hazards and prevention techniques effectively.