Real Estate App

Real Estate is among the big businesses that are earning billions of dollars revenue annually. But, earning a good revenue isn’t enough to establish a unique business reputation in today’s tech-savvy world. Having an incredible mobile app is must for every industry because today’s customers are mobile-dependent and want to execute everything from their mobile devices, be it ordering food or shopping. The expectation of mobility is no different for their property requirements. The real estate entrepreneurs are smartly moving with the times and meeting the customer's expectations to double their profit by designing the great apps. The tech elite we have at SITSL delivers the most robust and flexible real estate apps that extend our client’s market reach while making their presence unique.

Improve the property seeker’s experience while attracting new and potential customers with our superior development solutions.

Key Features of Our Real Estate Mobile App and Website


User-friendly navigation

Seller can list property

Property seeker can browse the property listings

Advanced search

View details and images in high resolution

View essentials like nearby school, doctors, hospital

Add in wishlist

feature image

Alerts & notifications

Newsletter sign up

New deals & offers

Customer care support

Share products on social media

Social media links




Admin Panel Features

Create profiles

User role management

Content management

Categories/ Subcategories management

Content management

Notification management

Propoerty management

Reports management