What is Cyber Security?

Applying crucial security measures over hardware, data banks, and systems connected to internet.

Keeping critical data and information out of hackers’ hands and enabling virus protection.

Preventing cyber-attacks & security breach attempts to stop software and hardware loss.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security?

What Sets Us Apart

With advanced security tools, effective approaches, and qualified detailed analysis, SITSL makes your websites, mobile apps, and much more.

Maximum Protection Against Ransomwares

No Financial Loss

Preventing Data from Getting Stolen

Refraining Your Business from Data Theft

Result-Driven Approach

Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

High-End Quality & Affordability

In-Depth Analysis

Refined & Long-Term Solutions

State-of-the-Art Security Tools

Thorough Loophole Auditing

Robust Vulnerability Patching

Types of Testing We Provide

Gained Statistics either from White, Gray, or Black Box testing fuels the decision making funnel of SITSL which helps determining the best solutions and patches.

    White Box Testing

  • Security Level: Average
  • Full Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: Developer

    Gray Box Testing

  • Security Level: Intermediate
  • Some Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: User

    Black Box Testing

  • Security Level: High
  • Zero Knowledge Required
  • Testing as: Attacker

    Benefits of Testing

  • Detection of Breacholes
  • Data Vulnerability Checking
  • Effective Patching

Our Cyber Security Offerings

Having a secured cyberspace for your business becomes easier with our cyber security offerings. Come and digitally shield your web or app portals.

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