Why Is Personalization Crucial for Todays Chatbot? And Heres How to Do it - Part 1

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Why Is Personalization Crucial for Today's Chatbot
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Why Is Personalization Crucial for Today's Chatbot? And Here's How to Do it - Part 1

Maya Angelou was one of the greatest personalities who has ever walked this planet. She once made a statement that has become a staple lesson for today's generation. It goes something like this - People will not remember what you said to do and did for them. The only thing they are going to remember is how you made them feel. 

Today, when a company's most of the communication is carried out through online mediums, hiring an army of customer care executives just to answer the most common set of questions, again and again, is out of the question. 

And that's exactly when some chatbot development companies in USA entered the scene and offered a cost-effective, time-effective, and hassle-free way to quence a customer's query 24X7. Chatbots were fast and affordable. No doubt, everyone from small to big businesses went for bots. They deployed them in their CRM software, websites, and applications on a gigantic scale. 

And whenever the world thinks that it now has a perfect solution for a certain problem, something happens and outright proves them wrong - suggesting it was not enough. The same happened in the case of bots as well. 

Companies believed that 'raw' bots will relieve them from their worries, but that didn't happen. The user's expectations have escalated and the level of their excitement with chatbots has faded. No wonder, it's usual. 

Customers have all the power in the world and it depends on their pure decision that what kind of products they want to go with or not. And they usually go with a product or brand that offers them these benefits - affordability, performance, speed, uptime, quick support, good service, and overall a great experience. In simpler words, as I also suggested above, they want to have the 'feel-good' thing.

Well, in the world of chatbots, 'automation' has become a thing of the past. It has faded. The upcoming years are the years of personalization. So why does personalization is such an important factor in chatbots for customers? Stay tuned to find out. 

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