6 Latest Design Trends You Should Integrate Into Your Website Development And Marketing Part 1

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Digital marketing Trends
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Every now and then new technologies are stepping into the market and giving us the reasons to update ourselves accordingly. If we talk about the tech world, it always encounters instability due to the growing innovations of technology.  We have been so dependent on the technology that most of us can’t even imagine a day of our lives without the internet and our mobile phones.    

Today, it is extremely important for the businesses to have their own websites and apps to foster an interest in the modern customers towards their services or products. However, it doesn’t turn out to be an effective move all the time because your businesses capabilities don’t match the customers’ needs.  

One of the major reasons behind this failure may be not integrating the latest design trends into your website and marketing. Yes, the design trends play an essential role in keeping customers engaged and if you miss on that, you may ruin all your development efforts and money.

Flawless design and functionality of your website and marketing content can’t be ignored because even a top-notch product or an informative blog post gets avoided by the customers if it is housed on a website with poor presentation.

However, you always have a choice to Hire Digital Marketing Consultant to integrate modern trends into your web and branding. Besides this, you can also have a look at the brief details of those trends here.

Hero Images

The term ‘hero image’ refers to a specific type of website banner that contains large-sized or full-page images at the very top of a website. More and more companies are leveraging big, bold design elements including hero images and videos accompanied with geometric typography.

Minimalist Design With Useful Content

Minimalism directly connects with the phrase “less is more” because minimal design’s key consideration is whitespace. It includes fewer elements to show more open space in the design. It is more like an advanced version of the concept “Clean” which has been hugely popular for years among the people. Apple is a great example of Minimalist design with useful content.


The full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages that refers to an open source initiative project to optimize the mobile apps’ pages faster. It increases the speed and readability of your mobile app content. AMP pages are rendered mainly to provide the enhanced mobile experiences which mean by integrating AMP, you will get more traffic on your mobile app.  

These were the 3 latest design trends, if you want to know more trends, check out the second edition of this article. Click here to view the article 6 Latest Design Trends Part 2.

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