Weird but Catchy: Graphic Designers! Check This Out (Part 2)

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Graphic Designers
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Greetings fellow graphic designers! I hope you have already read our first post on trending graphic effects. If you haven’t, read it now. Because, linked posts are like film sequels. Like you can’t enjoy (understand) the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets until you watch the Philosopher’s Stone one first. Well, enough talking about movies. I wouldn’t let your attention sway anymore. So here you go:

4. Adding the Glitch Effect

Fashion, be it in the apparel industry or the designing, really has a strange fate. Something that people would hate 20 years back, can become the choice of the nation in 5 years. Glitch effect in the images is one such thing. Recently, there have been appearing some inspiring images in this regard that comprised some cool glitch effects and appear rather beautiful than glitchy. Check these pieces out:



5. The Ruined Effect

Imagine, you have an artist friend, too obsessed with his paintings. One day, on a peaceful evening, you are admiring his pieces of art while sipping from the bowl of hot soup in his another hand. And, to your bad luck, your step on a debris in the room, stumble, and accidentally spill all that hot, tasty, and precious soup on a painting you understand nothing about.

Your friend looks at his ruined painting, and to your surprise, he thanks you for making his creation more beautiful. That’s what the ruined effect is all about. Making the designs more beautiful by distorting them:


6. Double Exposure Duotone

One thing is for sure, simple and mundane graphics don’t work anymore. It has to be simple and vibrant in one go. Double Exposure Duotone is a technique in which two images are blended together and one or multiple vibrant colors are overlapped on the final image. As a result, you get a piece that is bound to stun attention at least for 2 or 3 seconds which is really significant today. Look at these dual tone images:


7. Creative Typography

The level at which the graphic designing has reached often amazes me. Now, some creative brains are making the simplest of the text to attractive to go unnoticed. Through the creative typography, a firm doesn’t even additionally need a logo. The typography itself becomes the firm’s identity. On a plus note, one can go as creative as you can with the size, shape, color, and the concept of the given text. Have a glance at these typographies below:


8. The Negative Space

In the earlier post, I discussed the Negative Space Typography. The Negative Space (without the typography) is even cooler. The concept is the same though. You grab an image, then you grab another and you blend both of them perfectly. Then the final image is slid into a single color image, making the photo blend looks like a negative insertion. These are some great example of the negative space:


Top website designing companies know this fact that the interest of today’s clients is shifting towards experimenting with new design trends in their websites or apps. Along with being a professional, a designer must strive to add a touch of creativity in his designs. If you are a designer, then remember that each image you create, must have a USP and a subtle level of uniqueness. Continuous practicing (not your office projects) and experimenting with the above ideas in different forms and concepts. 


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