3 Chatbot Myths You Believed but are Not True

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Chatbot Myths You Believed but are Not True
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3 Chatbot Myths You Believed but are Not True


Every day when we wake up from our peaceful night’s sleep, we find the front page of the newspaper with one of two new wonders of technology. Chatbots are prevailing a lot lately especially in the world of tech. And there are several reasons behind that. Chatbots are helping companies increase their ROI.


Many Innovative AI Chatbot Development Companies have delivered artificial intelligence-based bots to several industries to assist their board. Those chatbots tract customers’ way of interaction, records them, and separate that data in different categories to take the form of comprehensible information. 


While bots have proven themselves extraordinary worthy to businesses, they do carry a baggage of pessimistic opinions. Call them myths, facts, or opinions, not all the chunks of tech society are in its favor. They are worried about its possible impact on a number of things. Here are some common myths that have shrunk the reputation of chatbots:


1. Chatbots have Unlimited Potential

Chatbots from 2009 are truly no match for the ones we have today at our disposal. Lately, there has been a lot of improvement in the efficiency, accuracy, and naturalness of bots. Facebook and other tech giants are developing bots that can learn from their mistakes. 


2. Managing Chatbots is Achilles Heel

That’s not true. Application developers are making their products easier and easier to install in a website, app, or other software. With each passing day, the level of difficulty to incorporate such a program is reducing so people with no technical grasp can do it himself. 


3. In Future, Bots will Replace Humans

They say that chatbots can’t do everything or handle an unexpected problem in a way a human can do. But, for how long? Aren’t they getting more and more efficient with sunrise and sunset? That may seem like a myth today but It may happen. To a good extent if not a great one. 


4. Chatbots will Decrease the Number of Jobs

The expectations of customers for chatbots is really high. They do want their bots to be efficient enough to replace their human representatives and work for 24/7 without getting tired or exhausted. But whatever people say, there’s one thing that has never changed and that is the ‘Change’ itself. Shouldn’t we welcome it with open hands? Because it’s inevitable anyway. 



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