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What Qualities a Good Wordpress Ad Management Plugin Should Comprise


The assemblage of a great idea, a competence overexpressing what you know, and the right platform to manifest ensures a good blog. However, Ads are what secretively fuels the growth of an emerging blog. Revenue through advertising takes care of hosting and countless other expenses, constantly motivating us to persistently show up with more utilitarian content. 


Whether you are writing about the top web development companies in USA or the read-worthy life hacks you have learned, you would eventually need something to manage ads on your WordPress platform. Two of the proven ways to do that is to either edit your WordPress theme file or by making use of a widget. 


Before opting for any techniques, you should consider a number of aspects. How much active you actually are? How frequently do you post? Have you chosen to blog as a full-time profession or a part-time hobby? If you have just jumped into the world of blogging, then a WordPress widget will suffice. In addition, if you possess good command over the code, editing the theme file won’t be a Herculean task for you. 


However, if the scope, scale, and revenue of your blog have been upsurge massively, then you might want to consider going for a complete and robust ad management system. A WordPress ad management plugin can help you do just that. With a slew of free and paid plugins available out there, you must go for the one which comprises the following qualities:


1. Click Counter & Analyser

How many clicks you would be getting on your ads is mercurial. A blogger generally gets revenue from two kinds of advertisements, affiliate, and direct ones. In order to find out what’s working and what’s not, you need to monitor the sting of the clicks you are getting on each ad along with the additional data such as demographic information, and the most-CTR stint. 


2. All Ads Support

To conjure the readers with the content and winning their clicks in the succession is the preeminent dream of every blogger. However, your WordPress ad management plugin should be competent enough to run various kinds of advertisements including affiliate, Adsense, your own product, and media.net ads. 


3. Responsive Ads Manager

Many a time, the ads we are assigned with are not responsive i.e. do not support different screen sizes. As a result, we have to invest a lot of our productive time in the unnecessary reshuffling of ads. Hence, go for a plugin that could detect unresponsive advertisements and does not serve them across compatible devices.


4. Run A/B test for Ads

The number of clicks you get on your ad largely depends upon the content of the ad. The same ads with different images and content may yield massively different results. Thus, the significance of run two ads on the same spot, and doing A/B testing to analyze which one drives better results can’t go ignored. Many renowned IT firms, including web development services, advise their clientele to cull a plugin with A/B testing feature.


5. Geo-Targeting Feature

The CTR response rate of an advertisement hinge on the demographic location it’s running. The content and the target of the ads must be decided based on the culture, festive events, and taste of the citizens of a specific location. Your WordPress ad management plugin should be able to provide you ad performance statistics as per different demographics and the ability to control the location settings. 


Until you don’t make up mind which plugin would be the best according to your needs, you have a brim of options to explore. Thus, make sure to check for the aforesaid qualities before finalizing any specific plugin, as a do-over will only waste time and resources. 


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