Tech News: Inception of TOR Browser in Android: Worry No More About Action-Tracking

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 Inception of TOR Browser
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The popular anonymity browser TOR has finally announced its presence on Google’s public app hub, Play Store. It’s parent firm, The Tor Project, Inc that was formed in December 2006 and already had a browser up and running for PC finally launched its counterpart for the Android platform as well.

As per the data collected by top mobile app development companies, so far the people were too conscious about the tracking of their search history. Even though, top browsers offer a feature to go ‘track proof’ such as Google Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ and Firefox’s ‘Private Window’, people still remain unsure about their privacy.

Tor browser, on the other hand, is completely safe and at least safer than Chrome and Firefox by a great extent. The Tor Project is a nonprofit organization founded and funded by Roger Dingledine for a few years. Other sponsors of the project were Google (which is stunningly surprising), IBB, and University of Cambridge.

The primary and most prominent deployment of The Tor Project is the Tor Browser, a free-to-use browser that lets you go completely anonymous. Also known as “The Onion Router” Tor uses thousands of relays to direct an internet connection query to a number of the overlay network, spread worldwide to hide even the identity of the request sender.

The core features which the Tor Browser offers you are Block Trackers that lets you track and disable any tracker that’s trying to follow you around.

It saves you from hidden surveillance, resists fingerprints, and protects your identity through a multi-layered encryption. You can download the Tor browser from the Play Store by following this link. On the other hand, check why Apple is eradicating illegal lottery apps?

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