Tech News: Google and Facebook Want Federal Privacy Laws be Written the Way They Want It

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Google and Facebook Want Federal Privacy Laws
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The group of top rulers of the world of technology generally comprising Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft seek to challenge strict federal privacy laws that have either been recently developed or soon will be.

According to the New York Times, tech giants are continually attempting to lobbying for an insignificant federal privacy law. In other words, the firms want the state authorities to write the laws taking a huge assistance from the firm themselves.

If that happens, the users will be left with less control over how their private data should or shouldn’t be used. Moreover, access to more private data of consumers will let the firms multiply their revenues with time - assume several React Js development companies.

Why the Lobbying Campaign Strengthened All of a Sudden

Recently, a highly-stern federal privacy law has been passed in the state of California as well as another similarly strict biometrics privacy law also took place in Illinois. Both the laws were clearly in favor of consumers’ rights over the privacy of their data, making them able to control it, delete the stored data, and having an option to opt-out from private data-collection.

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Fallout

Without a doubt, the serious California federal privacy law was the clear response of the extremely infamous Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal that was a slap on the faces of worldwide social media users.

The New York Times stated that a big part of Google and Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. And to keep their advertising campaigns outright relevant to a user’s interest, they have to have a great hold on his/her likes and dislikes. In other words, his/her private data.

The states’ data regulations hence stand as a significant hurdle in their way to generate revenue. That is exactly why they dare to challenge and regulate even the official regulations and policies. The tech companies have made it clear that they will be cooperating only if they are allowed to share a huge part in writing the rules themselves.

Overall their approach might work as the Trump administration seems to be open to developing a “Business-Friendly” solution. And appears like, the administration is left with no second choice as all the top tech firms contribute by a high degree to a nation’s economy. Even the WhatsApp itself has been used for 85 billion + users over the last decade

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