A Quick Guide to Link Building (Link Building Strategy) - Part 4

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A Quick Guide to Link Building (Link Building Strategy) - Part 4
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A Quick Guide to Link Building (Link Building Strategy) - Part 4


There are a lot of factors you should measure before agreeing to employ a certain link building strategy. It totally depends upon the type of your business and websites. If your business website is rather small and contains only a few pages, then outreaching campaigns and link exchanging activities would be beneficial for you.


For larger websites such as that of an eminent digital marketing company, a broader and more comprehensive plan is required. Oftentimes competitor research enormously helps. If you check out the websites of the businesses whose service offering level matches to that of your’s, you can certainly employ the good points and eradicate the non-performing ones.


Google’s Matt Cutts, a worship figure by most of the world’s SEO experts, confirmed in an interview with Eric Enge that there are some typical SEO practices that pretty much work for any business regardless of the size of its website. The following points combine those practices and will give you an initial head start for your link building strategy.


1. Blogs

The primary objective of Google is providing its customer base the best, smartest, and freshest of the results from around the web. Because that’s how Google becomes able to keep its business up. Consistency in blogging is important.


However, the value you provide and the way you convey useful information to your readers and other experts in the industries matters more. Long, well-researched, and fact or research-based blogs invite appreciation from readers and niche experts and help your business emerge as an authoritative figure in that specific field.


2. Press Releases, Innovation, and Giveaways

News websites are one of the most-watched stuff in the online landscape. No matter how small or big, if something can be converted into a press release, by all means, do that. Good press releases are always reported by media.


Additionally, strengthen your network with other bloggers. And whenever you write a well-researched piece of content, win an award, or get mentions here or there, inform your network. And like little happy birds, they will spread the news among their readers.


3. Help and Engage with Your Audience

A true writer understands the value of every single one of their readers. They value their opinions, their likes and dislies, and things that excite them. A good writer writes for the sake of delivering an experience to their readers not just because he/she has to roll out an article every once in a while.


Write on the topic they request and value their comments, reply with your thoughtful insights, and award them regularly with giveaways.


Someone from a website development company would argue on giveaways are not really useful for all kinds of businesses including IT, Oil Industries, and Healthcare. But that simply is, not true. How about a detailed guide on one of the topics you know? An eBook? Or a Research PDF? There are actually many ways you can take into consideration as great giveaway alternatives.



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