6 Latest Design Trends You Should Integrate Into Your Website Development And Marketing Part 2

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Website Development And Marketing
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This is the second edition in a series devoted to the understanding of the latest digital trends that you should integrate into your web development and marketing. Here, we will be furnishing you with a few more significant and new design trends. 

These trends are getting followed by the topmost IT companies such as AngularJS Development Company and so many others. Let’s begin.  

Mobile-Friendly Design

There is no need to describe that how the intensely enlarging demand of the smartphones is revolutionizing the customers’ preferences and the way people do business. Responsive web-mobile designs are hugely on demand because they ensure to deliver a seamless digital experience.

It is important for the businesses to develop such mobile app strategy that favors the modern customer preferences. Moreover, you have to ensure that your website involves mobile friendly designs because innovating designs are creating the future of the online businesses.

SEO Landing Pages

A well optimized and targeted landing page has the ability to convert the traffic into leads hence, it is a crucial element for search engine optimization campaigns that can’t be avoided by any online business. Creating several SEO landing pages with unique content while focusing on a few specific keywords is a great way to target a larger audience.

But, do you know that Google is not favoring the text-heavy pages to rank now, instead the Internet giant is more focused on the customer experience. As per the statistics, the online visitors only read about 20% of a page content. Hence, make sure that your design element leverages only 20% text in order to rank well in the search engines.

Active Chat Sidebars

A chatbot-driven helpdesk lets you interact with thousands of customers at once with the same efficiency. Websites having an active live chat sidebar are trending and making it very convenient for the users to connect with the businesses right on their landing pages. Chatbots are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers or provide customer support.

With chatbot integration, it becomes easier for you to answer numerous queries of different customers without letting them wait. As per the Business Insider report approx 80% of businesses are expected to deploy chatbots to automate their customer support processes by 2020. An active chat sidebar is a must have design trend that every digital portal should include in their support criteria.


These latest design trends can be distinctly favorable for your business and can help you grow faster. If you want to read the first part of the article click here The Latest Design Trends for Website Development and Marketing

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