How To Make Your Blog Super Popular in 2020

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How To Make Your Blog Super Popular in 2020
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How To Make Your Blog Super Popular in 2020


As soon as the revolution of world wide web started, the internet expanded its wings and suddenly, everyone was connected with the rest of the world. Forthwith, there were blogs to let people bring out their thoughts and ideas, in front of a large number of audience. Some writers were lucky to make their blogs popular and many are still struggling to get their blogs out of the ‘never-heard-of-that’ category. In today’s times, being famous has become synonymous with dodging a bullet due to the briskly escalating competition between the massive horde of bloggers. Seems like every day more and more bloggers are emerging from nowhere. 


So, is it possible to survive in this helter-skelter and get a great many numbers of daily readers on your blog? Yes. Is it like a piece of cake? Probably not. No doubt, that good content, unique ideas, and creating writing are the fundamental key points to make a popular blog. Still, many blogs with good content, unfortunately, get no more than 100 clicks a day. Then what are the tactics that are crucial to take your blog to the next step? Well, success can’t always be achieved overnight but, if you are determined and willing to adapt, these following tips will definitely let you open the doors to success. Let's discuss the important tips in this regard-


1. In Beginning, Stick With Just One Topic

A good number of bloggers, in their initial phase, plan to pour out everything that was drifting in their brains for a long time. Topic after topic, they strive to cover all the categories they had significant knowledge about. Introducing distinctiveness this early in your articles probably won’t reward you with the abundance of readers with a diverse taste. At first, it might feel appealing to a few but the charm will fade away expeditiously. Therefore, just start with the topic you are most passionate about and, to keep the boredom at bay, try to cover several areas on that. For example, if you have decided to write about food, combine the best restaurants in the neighborhood, street vendors, methods of cooking, and foods to boost health etc.


2. Choose an Attractive Blog Theme

Believe it or not, the design or theme of a blog really matters. It is the primary thing along with the content that depict your blog and ‘you’. Strive to choose a theme that matches perfectly with the content of your blog. Also, remember the remarkable quote by Walt Whitman - “simplicity is the glory of expression”. Your reader should be able to navigate around your posts conveniently. Apart from that, it is recommended to select a theme with a professional appeal even if you are a beginner. 


3. Make It Worth of Your Reader’s Time

Reader’s won’t just emerge to your blog to find out that what they are reading isn’t worth their time. In order to make readers return and gain new subscribers every day, you would need to provide something useful, interesting, important. So, how to know what users what to read? Do a quick yet keen analysis of the problems people are facing in their daily lives. Then write the possible solution based on your assiduous research. Problem-solving blogs usually gain popularity in no time.


4. Maintain Frequency

One can pretty much argue that the quality of content is more important than quantity and that’s undoubtedly true. However, publishing quality articles on a more frequent basis is even more important. Once the readers like one of your posts and your way of delivering the information, many of them would visit again to see if there is anything new. Unavailability of the fresh content might make your blog seem like an inactive one. Even major search engines prioritize the blogs with regular new content. Thus, just strive to come up with new but unique content that can satisfy your audience’s hunger of knowledge.


5. Expand Your Network

Making friends and nurturing a good relationship with other people of your field is always fruitful and is suggested by many blogging gurus. First, it is good to find someone in the similar niche to share your blogging experiences. Second, if you are a beginner, then it can be extremely helpful for you to learn from their mistakes. If they invite you to be a guest blogger on their blog, definitely go for it. That way, you will be recognized by the readers on their blogs as well.


6. Give Your Readers Free Stuff To Download

When we talk about the internet, everyone likes to get free stuff. Don’t they? And what if the free stuff is of premium quality? People will go crazy about it and it will reward you with precious and not-so-easy mouth-publicity. The question is, what can you provide that is worth downloading? Well. It can be anything from an ebook of exclusive content, video lessons on something, to a free online class. The more valuable the readers find your free stuff the more frequently they will visit your blog.


7. Facebook. How Can One Forget About It?

For a blogger, harnessing the power of social media is both beneficial and productive. I bet you have scarcely heard of someone who doesn’t use any form of social media in this era of globalization. The first thing you should do is to create a Facebook page dedicated to your blog and send join requests to people around the globe. Once joined, your readers would stay updated with any new post you publish. It shouldn’t be spammy otherwise, it’d completely turn people off. 


8. Broaden Your Influence on Other Forms of Social Media

From small startups to big business magnates, everyone is taking the social media as a pillar of internet marketing. If it’s working for them, it will definitely work for you to lure new subscribers. Make the other forms of social media such as Twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+ a way to connect with the new audience. If your blog is about crafting, cooking, or education, you should consider making video tutorials and posting them on YouTube. 


9. Email Newsletter For Your Blog

Bloggers, who don’t use the Email newsletters for their blog, miss out a huge opportunity. Some people don’t like getting frequent newsletter emails because they find them promotional and utterly dull. But what if they find the newsletter entertaining, educational, and helpful at the same time? Yep, your newsletter should be attractive, informative, and most importantly, quick to read. It should contain a combination of images and text so it doesn’t consume much time of the reader.


10. Make it SEO Optimized

Getting a good chunk of traffic always put smiles on the faces of all the bloggers despite the fact they are new or experienced. SEO optimization is the key that can make a huge difference by triggering massive amount of traffic to your blog. All you need to do is hire an experienced SEO executive for your blog. For beginners, there are the abundance of quality online tutorials available that can be availed. Always focus on your title and the keywords since they play an important part in ranking your blog in Google search results. 


So, now you know that it takes more than just the quality of the content to make a blog successful and popular. If you move up strategically and willing to invest your time and a little amount of hard work, success is not far. Taking a blog to in the highlights might take a few weeks or probably several months, and thus, stay determined & positive. Don’t lose hope at the very initial phase.  


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