3 Modern Marketing Fundamentals to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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Technology has evolved over the years and has made us completely dependent on the technical devices. Where people have come out from the newspapers and the magazines, businesses have adapted the futuristic ways like Digital Marketing to approach them.

When it comes to modern marketing, Social media can’t be ignored because businesses find most of their customers on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. These networks are widely used by the customers in their day-to-day activities and that makes them a top priority for businesses to promote their products.

It seems to be a very easy task to attract users through such sites that are hugely used by the customer but, it isn’t that simple as a lot of competitors are also there. To surpass them all, you need to offer something extra or something unique.

Following modern marketing fundamentals might help you to determine a perfect social media marketing strategy and build a long-term relationship with your users. Let’s begin. 

Initiate conversation with your posts

To make your social media posts more appealing, you can run different contests or offers. The content you choose to publish on your social media channels should be interactive enough to draw maximum engagement on your posts.

Involve simple questions in your posts or tempt the audience with extra discount. Relate your content to the users and evaluate how many responses, likes or comments you get. This marketing tactic will for sure help you get more traffic. 

Participate in conversations under trending hashtags

Day-specific or event-specific hashtags are trending on all the social networking sites. Leveraging the most trending hashtags will get you the direct attention of the users. Make sure whatever hashtags you pick are somewhat related to your services or products.

If required customize the hashtag a little bit but, do not change it thoroughly. Using trending hashtags in the posts is the easiest way to approach a maximum number of customers. Twitter chat allows you to start generating buzz around your own hashtags and Instagram stories also let you explore the whole new world of different hashtags. 

Resolve queries through live videos

Instagram and Facebook offer a live feature that allows users to go live and share their experience or stories. You can use this amazing feature for promotional purpose and drive greater engagement to your marketing campaigns. Go live whenever you have something new or unique to introduce. 

Going live may help you get real queries of the audience and may connect you with potential customers.    


There are several social media channels that work differently but, their purpose always remains the same. You will have to figure out how you would use them to increase your users engagement. However, you can also use these specified tactics to boost your social media engagement. Also check Technologies That Will Transform The Tech World In 2019.

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