Logistic Application

If we are to cull out four unavoidable prerequisites for logistic apps to rise and shine, they will be - saving fuel, establishing better communication, reduced delivery time, and commendable customer satisfaction. Sticking to gray-haired means of transportation and not incorporating avant-garde technologies, widens common challenges for logistics businesses. In addition lack of knowledge of the shortest, fastest routes, area-wise government regulations, and constant driver shortage & retention take the challenges to another level. We help logistic industries by funneling their processes into a pipeline of automation, innovation, and technology which in turn, improves communication & management, and save costs and time.

The technocrats we have at SITSL, develop a multi-purpose app to streamline all your logistic requirements.

Key Features of Our Logistic App




Relevant mode of transportation

Search type of transport based on length, weight, type of your freight

Easy checkout

Book vehicle

Online payment

feature image

Track item

Submit review

Social media links

Cancel booking anytime

Login securely

Edit account details

Driver's daily log

Automated bill of lading


Admin Panel Features

User manager

Content management

Category management

Availability management

Generate invoice

Report manager