Tech News: Google AI to Predict Aftershocks of Earthquakes

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Google AI
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Following the valuable suggestions of two renowned Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mr. Brendan Meade and Mr. Phoebe DeVries, Google will soon be analysing the data of 199 big earthquakes that ever happened in the history to predict earthquake aftershocks.

Major mobile app development companies that are currently looking forward to include AI development in their core offerings, are now taking this news as an inspiration as the applications of an AI system can get as deeper as an earthquake-predictor.

The overall process of analysing the previous earthquake helped in great terms of culling out the crucial data about earthquake including the facts on earthquake-generation, spreading, and much more.

Having more actionable data at disposal, the researchers could be able to take a step forward to form physical theories to understand this act of the nature. In other words, through AI the modern technology can help understand something that is strictly natural.

So far, researchers have been able to get some lead on the earthquake aftershock predictions that are rather less powerful than the main ones.

But, in the future, as the technology grows, there’s a possibility that earthquake prediction will get more and more stronger, enabling the government to take crucial precaution way before the disaster happens.

 There’s no doubt in that the technology is advancing with an astounding speed and now it’s helping us out taking care of natural disaster. Check out why Google introduced “Chat” to compete WhatsApp?

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