Cater Your Wedding Guests With Extreme Care: Develop Your Own Shaadi App

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The Shaadi App
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Marriage is an act that signifies a lot of emotions, unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls. Hence, it is an extremely important day of everyone’s life that they want to cherish always.

But, weddings are not that simple as they look, one may face some serious obstacles while nurturing their wedding guests. A wedding involves several events or functions that sometimes become a great pain in the neck.

Enjoying others’ wedding functions seem to be fun but, when it’s your own wedding, you have to fend for all the arrangements of your big day. Be it providing the rooms’ or venues’ details to the guests or managing all your functions.     

To get rid of such headaches you can either contact a wedding planner to manage everything for you or a Shaadi App Development Company to create your own wedding app that streamlines all your wedding events.

The first option is quite common nowadays, so to cater your wedding guests with extreme care while making them surprised, you can go for the second one. Here, we present a few reasons why you should develop an app for your wedding.

Before we start, you must know what is The Shaadi App?

It is a unique concept that makes your wedding more systematic and appealing. Every wedding has a story to tell and The Shaadi App gives you a chance to beautifully narrate your story while managing all your wedding events.

It handles everything with ease and let’s you enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Being a personalized wedding app and a perfect blend of Whatsapp, Flickr, and Facebook, it lets your guests

- Access Hotel Rooms’, Drivers’, and Venues’ Details

- Post, like, tag, and Share Photos on Timeline

- Chat in an entertaining way

- Stream a live video

A Few Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Wedding App?

Provides Your Guests a Great Way To Communicate  

The In-App Chat feature of The Shaadi App allows your guests to communicate with one another that sorts out most of their wedding-regarding queries and they don’t call you for everything.

Keeps Your Guests’ Engaged

It keeps your guests engaged by letting them post and share images, videos, contact numbers or locations. While they are busy doing all this, you get your me time to have fun in your wedding.   

A Personalized Timeline That Let’s The Guests Share Their Happy Moments

The app is backed with the best next generation social media features like posting photos and videos on the timeline, tagging users, like, comment, and share. Moreover, the timeline’s photos get saved in the cloud-based photo streaming and their photos or videos stay highly secure in the cloud.

Quick Assistance For The Users’ Queries

The app offers a chatbot-driven help desk and supports thousands of guest queries or concerns simultaneously with a higher level of relevance.    


The Shaadi App helps you cater your wedding guests with extreme care and lets you enjoy all your wedding events without inducing the smallest of signs of anxiety on your forehead.

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