A Quick Guide to Link Building (Planning Your Link Building Campaign) - Part 3

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A Quick Guide to Link Building (Planning Your Link Building Campaign) - Part 3

Many business owners keep skeptical of SEO because of a great deal of uncertainty it offers. Despite a fixed number of tactics and approaches, the result for two campaigns can vary a lot. And the reason behind it is that it completely depends on a person that how he employs the tactics he knows.

In other words, any expert SEO working in a Texas Digital Marketing Agency can say that the 15 major off-page SEO techniques he knows, can be used in hundreds of ways. And they can or can’t influence a specific set of audience in hundreds of ways as well. The effectiveness of an off-page SEO campaign, however, can vary due to several factors which include: creativity, the level of information it offers, its relevance to the audience, credibility, numbers, the amount of engagement it ignites and how quickly a user can use it.

Being an integral and prominent part of any major SEO job, link-building also needs to be thoughtfully planned like every other business decision we make. If you have started your website and are on the edge of kick off your SEO strategy, you need to be clear on the purpose of your link building campaign. You would need to define certain goals so you can measure your performance over time and find flaws in the execution as well as the constitution of your campaign.

Perfection is often an illusion. Regardless of the experience, you have in the landscape of SEO, there is always a possibility of loopholes. And to minimize the number of the loopholes an witty SEO ensures two things - the link-building strategy is planned immaculately and has a defined goal and he stays vigilant to find any predicaments while the plan is in the process. As I talked about earlier, there isn’t any straightforward way to plan an SEO campaign. What you will be able to actually create is - a theoretically near-perfect link building plan. But, there are always some metrics you can use to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your campaign:


1. Keyword Finding

Competitor analysis is a very important, rewarding, and a relatively easy task. If you are just starting out your first off-page SEO campaign, this tactic can give you an instant jump in the search engine rankings.

All you have to do that, extract about ten different keywords based on the services you or your firm is offering, type those keywords in Google and hit enter. For example, if you own an IT firm, you can enter in the search “Android App Development Company” as your keyword. The top results will indicate your top competitors. Enlist the names of competitors and then repeat the process for all the keywords you selected in the first place.

Side note: To know which are the right keywords the choose - follow Niel Patel’s guide of 10 free keyword planner tools.


2. Competitor Analysis

Repeat the aforementioned method until you make a list of 10 most dominant of your competitors. Now, copy the name of each competitor and paste it in the Google search bar. The top 100 results will indicate the most prominent links of that particular competitor.

All you have to do is go ahead and create links/make profiles of your company. Repeat the process for all those competitors and you’ll automatically be ahead of all of them because you have had united their research and employed it quickly.

Side Note: Free tool for Competitor Analysis - Spyfu


3. Domain Authority

Domain Authority, popularly known as DA is a score allocated to a website by Moz. Once you type a domain or URL in the Moz DA checker, it analyzes the likelihood of ranking of your URL based on the search term (keyword) you enter based on calculating all the inbound, outbound links and the credibility of your website.

Once done, it gives a score between 0 to 100 based on the analyzation. 100 is considered the best score a domain can get, but at the same time, it’s almost impossible to get more than 60 for normal business. Moz says that a score between 40 to 50 indicates that you are doing a good deal of SEO. One can install the MozBar extension on chrome for DA check; it’s free.

Side Note: Download MozBar from Here.


4. Analysis

Employing the three points mentioned above will provide you a landscape for kickstart your link building campaign. But without a proper analysis on your own, you won’t be able to find rights and wrongs. Some SEO tactics work best for some business and others don’t. You will have to find out which ones are bringing the most desired results for your business and which aren’t. Then simply lessen your efforts on the less-returning ones and vice versa.

Keep a track on your referral traffic in the Google Analytics Tool. It’s free. It shows you from where people are coming to your website. Referral traffic is worthy because it is generated from the people who actually clicked a linked directed to your website.

Moreover, keep a track on which basis, Google is crawling your website. You want to achieve a very frequent crawl rate. And for that, at least write one blog per day for your website or more and continuously strive to generate links from as many trustworthy and valuable sources as possible.

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