Tech News: Apple On its Voyage to Weed Out illegal Lottery Apps

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The world’s first trillion dollars and the biggest IT company Apple has recently confirmed that it plans to take strict disciplinary measures against illegal lottery applications currently in operation in a number of countries.

The news struck as a comfort arrow for top digital marketing companies in the world as earlier, over 40,000 illegal mobile apps were lurking around the Chinese stores, creating a massive barricade for newcomers.

According to an update received from the state media, in the course of revised regulations, Apple has removed 25,000+ such apps. However, the number of apps removed is based on speculation, as the tech-colossus has not yet unveiled the timeline and the numbers.

In a recent statement, Apple said that the firm is vigilant in its efforts and has already removed several gambling apps that were being operated illegally.

The criticism against the tech giant doesn’t seem to be stopped. In this respect, CCTV, a state broadcaster said that the firm’s policies for removing gambling apps are somewhat country biased. Apps, that are banned in China, are still allowed in the US.

Apple’s storm against deceitful applications was actually started in 2017 when it eradicated multiple VPN (virtual private network) apps from the App Store in China. Those VPNs were responsible for providing a bypass through which the users were able to access websites and social media platforms that are banned in China.

Google had already banned those mischieving apps prior to Apple. And the action created even more pressure on Apple’s shoulders to follow the course. However one thing is for sure now, the censorship of apps are getting more and more strict with time. For example, WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company stopped providing automated data backup to Google Drive.

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