Tech News: Here is What Apple Has Stated on the Controversy “Is iPhone Spying on the Users?”

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Is iPhone Spying on the Users
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Apple is again in the news but, this time not for its unique features or latest launch, it’s about the iPhone users’ data security, about their trust and loyalty for the brand. The issue is turning to be a serious concern as it’s arising lots of questions in the iPhone user’s mind and they are expecting a high quality assurance for that now.  

It all started in July, when Representatives Greg Walden, Marsha Blackburn, Gregg Harper and Robert Latta asked Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook and Alphabet Inc’s chief executive Larry Page to provide written clarification on whether phones are eavesdropping the users’ conversations or collecting the non-triggered audio data while listening for a command like “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google”.

Apple replied to the letter with a valid clarification on Tuesday, 7th August.  Wherein it states that Apple neither listen to its users’ conversations secretly nor spy on them because iPhones do not record audio while listening for Siri wake up commands and Siri does not share the spoken words. Apple said it requires users to explicitly approve microphone access and all the apps must display a clear signal that they are listening.

Moreover, Apple described how “Hey Siri” functions without listing or collecting the background data and provides a visual alert that Siri is listening to a user's request. 

These terms are satisfactory enough to be convinced but, Apple also states that "Developers do violate the PLA and App Store Review Guidelines, although most violations are unintentional, unrelated to privacy issues, and easily corrected. And, we have removed some apps for privacy violations."

Apple is not able to monitor, what developers do with the customer data they have collected. Hence, it can’t prevent the onward transfer of that data. The company doesn’t even ensure that all the developers will compliance with Apple’s privacy policies or local law,”.

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