Tech News: Google Introduces “Chat” to Compete WhatsApp

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Google Chat
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As per The Verge report, the internet giant Google is going to launch a new set of features for specific Android devices by the end of 2018. It is more like to be an alternative to WhatsApp but, isn’t an individual app. It is going to be called “Chat,” and would be based on a standard called RCS.

RCS refers to Rich Communication Services which will automatically get activated on most of the Android default texting apps. Many Business Application Development Companies think that it is a Google Messaging app but, they are unaware of the actual facts of the Chat.

Chat is not Google chat or a Google Messenger, it is a set of new features into the default Android texting apps, such as GIF search and Google Assistant. Which means Android Messengers will have Chat as a default feature for various Android phones. Samsung phones will also be eligible to have Chat through Samsung’s apps.

The Chat will include all the standard features that any other messaging app has such as typing indicators, full-resolution images, and video, read receipts and group texts. With Chat, Google is aiming to make Android phone users default texting experience as good as other modern messaging apps.

There could be some drawbacks of the Chat like it won’t be end-to-end encrypted like SMS and won’t be as secure as iMessage. Google has already spent nearly a decade trying and failing to develop a successful messaging app. It’s not that Google created bad software but, it couldn’t attract more people.

Besides all the minor flaws, this concept seems to be good enough to impress the Android audience. Also check What Apple Has Stated on the Controversy “Is iPhone Spying on the Users?


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