SITSL HR helps you streamline your HR processes and measure the individual performance of your employees. It offers extreme credibility and scalability to your HRM. It works like a host of compliant features that meet the needs of both managers and employees. It is extremely efficient in terms of managing your staff data including their attendance & performance statistics. To make your work easier SITSL HR effectively collaborates all your employee's information in one place. SITSL offers several different pocket-friendly plans to you and gives you a chance to avail the benefits of the SITSL HR as per your requirements and budget.

Our SITSL-HR offers you an extremely easy and effective way to make your HR processes smooth-running and scalable.

Key Features of Our SITSL HR

Measure staff performance

Easy profile management

Attendance management

Payroll management

Performance management

Recruitment management

Streamline business processes

Provide enhanced scalability

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Admin Panel Features

Manage software functionality

Access software properties

Update software features

Hold HRM data

Control app functionality