Education Application

Over the past few decades, technologies like mobile apps have been a great influencer for all the businesses. Education industry also comes in that influenced businesses category. More and more eLearning apps are getting developed to make learning easier for the students. The whole concept of education has been changed gradually with technology. Now students can easily access their syllabus, share study notes, attend or save lectures, have a discussion with other students while without being present in the physical classroom. Education apps have been a support for the home learners as well as the other learners. An ordinary app wouldn’t work well for such fast-growing industry because it needs highly responsive and fast mobile apps. And, we at SITSL provide the same to our clients.

Let your students enlarge their learning capabilities with an interactive education app developed with new technical methodology.

Key Features of Our Education App

Strong database

Comprehensive content


Easy study material

Live tutorials sessions

Easy to login

Free group discussions

Interactive themes

feature image

Regular individual practices

Push notification

Engaging content

Easy navigation

Mock tests

Practice test

Superior database

Easy login


Admin Panel Features

Access users’ details

Manage app properties

Update study material

Hold students’ records

Edit content

Record sessions