Planning to Develop Uber-Like Taxi App? Know Estimated Costs, Features, & More

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Taxi Booking App
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Uber’s revenue hit $20 billion last year. That’s enough money to buy 80,000 tickets to space. It is not the huge sum of revenue that appealed to investors. It is the potential online ride booking serves.

Despite a large figure in revenues, Uber has never been actually profitable. Yet, once it establishes its monopoly and proficiently executes its ‘driverless-cars’ concept, it will touch new heights of success with a breathtaking speed - as believed by a majority of taxi app development.

That means, if there’s the right time for new businesses to jump in the stream of on-demand taxi apps, it’s now. Population’s awareness and interest to avail these apps for their convenience is rising and taking into considering the heat of the moment, your app has got a higher chance of becoming successful.

If the luck remains all by your side, big firms including la and Uber may come ahead to acquire your startup. Acquired by big firms is directly proportional to substantial enhancements in your bank accounts. So, if you are thinking about or developing one such app, you are certainly on the right track. Let’s take a look at the core features of an Uber-like taxi app:

1. Payment Via Multiple Methods

After the inception of countless mobile app payment wallets, the rates of the numbers of direct bank account transfers have reached an all-time low. For small discounts and frequent coupon schemes,  people actually prefer paying through wallets in contrast to debit or credit cards. So having all kinds of popular and of course, safe mobile app wallets in your taxi booking app is out of the question.

2. Maps and Location

The route your driver is following should be optimized and instantly trackable, for the driver, administrator, and the customer. Integrating Google Maps API is the best option you have got in this regard.

3. Push Notification

Push notifications will be very crucial for your taxi app business. Not because they entice the users who’ve abandoned your app back to it, but because these notifications, if used in a wrong way, can irritate them.

4. Tracking and Security

Your money and probably your car will be in the hands of your driver. To stop any smallest of deviation from the rules and to collect the daily fare amount effectively, a strong tracking and security system has to be embedded in your app’s mechanism.

5. Other Important Features

Ride-sharing, referral discounts, occasional discounts, vehicle selection, split payments, exact location dropper, profile creation, personalized messaging, and many other features should be embedded at the later levels of your app’s success.

Cost of Developing an Uber-Like On-Demand Taxi App

Since the price tag of such an app highly depends on the number of features, the level of development and the depth, It is hard to put down an exact estimation. However, generally, a good-looking taxi app can cost you anywhere between $20,000 - $45,000. No doubt, there may be exceptions for lower and higher ends but a budget of solid $50 will help you develop a standout application.

Some apps are cheaper than the other and the vice versa is also true. For instance, an application that helps users download wallpapers wouldn’t cost you that much. On the other hand, an enterprise-grade mobile application may be as expensive as $1 million. Hope this article found you in a good mood. Check the essential features and cost to develop an online food ordering app like uber eats.

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