Medical app development services

Among the countless features of a medical mobile app, there are four that really do count - make appointments, get prescription ingestion and refill reminders, check and download reports, and call a doctor in an emergency. The medical sector is big and encapsulates billions of overall revenue. Industries want to bring big technological advancements but struggle when it comes to integration and implementation. With so many processes to weave together and communication wires to establish, data loss becomes a common issue. At SITSL, we work on dividing a whole application into manageable partitions and combine them together later to enable effective communication.

Invigorate your medical business towards success with an effective app that easily connects patients and doctors.

Key Features of Our Medical App


User-friendly navigation

Search doctors


Advanced search by speciality, location, etc

View doctor's profile

Appoinment Booking based on doctor's avilability

Get prescriptions online

feature image

In-app map to provide route to nearest hospital

Book, modify, and cancel appointments

Push notifications for appointments

Upload prescription

Set push notification for medicine

Add/ edit/ delete medicine

Medical record summary



Admin Panel Features

Patents and Doctor managment

Payment monitoring

Notification managment

Reports managment

Databse managment