3 Surprising Cloud Computing Facts that Everyone Should Know

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Cloud Computing Facts
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Businesses of all sizes are using cloud computing and availing its unlimited benefits at lower costs. It helps them manage, store and process their business data seamlessly, no matter how less or vast it is. 

While saving all the data in one central location over the Internet, it allows multiple devices on a local network to access that data. Being an essential segment of the IT industry, Cloud Computing Services earn billions of dollars revenue yearly.

And, the revenue statistics aren’t going to fall off, instead, it is predicted that the market of cloud computing will grow rapidly over the next decade. So, here we have summed up a few important and surprising facts about cloud computing that you must consider while creating a new business strategy.

The US Government is among the largest users of cloud computing

Most of the businesses and industries have already integrated cloud software with their services but, do you know that it has been used by one-half of the government agencies in the US and they spent billions of dollars on the development and maintenance of their cloud services.

So, it becomes a great resource for all the IT Services to acquire the greater opportunities from the US market.

Public Cloud is an Immersive Market

As per the various different technical forecasts, by the end of 2018, the public cloud computing market is expected to rise by 30 to 40 per cent.  This market involves business processes, digital platforms,  software and infrastructure delivered as a service.

Hence, there is no doubt that the growth of public cloud services is relatively rapid and will increase the global IT services market soon.

Measurable impacts on the IT departments

The cloud adoption is accelerating faster as more and more businesses are turning to the cloud services to get visible improvements in terms of efficiency, quality and security. Cloud implementation just not improve productivity but also lower the cost of IT spending.

If we look at the statics, deploying cloud services have fostered many companies to experience a 20.66% average improvement in their time to market, 18.80% average increase in their process efficiency, and 15.07% reduction in their IT spending. All these benefits can lead a company to achieve an overall increase in the company's growth by 19.63%.

While a huge number of businesses are ready to invest in the cloud computing services, the IT firms can avail numerous benefits out of it. 


Keep these surprising and interesting cloud computing facts in mind and create your business strategies accordingly. The article will help you get a deeper insight into, how you can bring greater opportunities for your business?.  

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