Evolution in Software Development Industry in 2019

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Evolution in Software Development Industry
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Evolution in Software Development Industry in 2019


Technology is what established the foundation of the information era. It entirely did change the way we used to communicate. In today’s times, with every year passing, we find ourselves ready to embrace any unexpected technological invention. The year 2019 has already begun and thanks to the technology, everything from mobile apps to the latest smart televisions has just seemed to be evolved to the next level. With the speed the numbers of software development companies are increasing, advanced website development may take a crucial part in the overall growth of the country.


Softwares are driving the world in today’s times the same way our brains accelerate our bodies. It has become possible to pay your bills without waiting in the long lines of bill booths. You can even control all the electronic appliances in your home from your office with a few touch on your smartphones. What we used to see in Hollywood movies and say “that can’t ever happen in real” is now a reality. And some of the inventions even made their reach beyond our expectations. 


Softwares are now essential parts of our daily life. Without them, civilization will be boosted backwardly by half a century. From our phones to computer, from trains to planes, and from refrigerators to nuclear missiles, software rule just over everything. So what’s more in 2019? What kinds of technologies are going to be more focused on this year? And which skills developers will need to master in order to keep up with the pace of the market? Let’s See:


1. Artificial Intelligence

A few years back, this concept was nothing more than a far cry. Only Hollywood used to utilize this concept to generate revenue and frighten the viewers of its otherwise possible side-effects. But A.I. is no more a dream. It’s a reality now and is kind of present almost everywhere. From virtual mobile assistance to finding direction while driving your car, all you need to do is ask and before you know, answers and assistance will be there. The software development industry, which is generating billions of revenue every year is not focusing more and more on the A.I. Thus developers too are required to invest their time and efforts in learning and implementing projected revolving around A.I.


2. Cloud Computing

Shortage of storage and protection of data are such big problems of today. However, in the world of software, every problem is just the beginning of an abrupt solution or even the possible foundation of a new company. Cloud computing is a solution for both the problems stated above. Moreover, it is getting better and better with every moment. Sharing an abundance of documents and media files on an online cloud based storage is now not new. If you are a software developer, then honing your skills in cloud computing-related aspects such as protection will put you among the high-in-demand individuals.


3. Chatbots

The era of messaging (SMS) has been dramatically replaced with the era of chatting. For both personal talks and professional alerts apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are now taking over. If you are an internet freak then you probably know that each and every website, if providing a specific service strives to provide their own chat boxes. A great many numbers of apps are also using chatbots for a variety of purposes. Website developers should take the importance of the chatbots in the future in the account and ponder over the ways to use them for improving what is already present.


4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is just making something look more real and life-like than it’s actually not. And still, we feel so enamoured with it that we tend to enjoy it to the extreme extent. This technology is still improving every day. However, even in its current state it a virtual augmented reality box can trick your mind and make it figuratively take it into and a completely new virtual world. Apps are not untouched by AR anymore. Pokemon Go exemplified it. And with so much fun and charm. Over 500 million users downloaded it and enjoyed find virtual Pokemons in real life. So what should developers do? It’s obvious: Find new ways to develop highly-engaging AR apps. 


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