A Quick Guide to Link Building (Know What Search Engines Prefer) - Part 2

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A Quick Guide to Link Building (Know What Search Engines Prefer) - Part 2
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In the first post under our link building guides, I have talked about 8 points that create a base to begin the link building journey for any SEO professional whether a newbie or an expert. I myself have seen scenarios where expert SEOs are found more reckless and rogue than beginners.


On the other hand, beginners are often fearful of making mistakes and thus, they take every step carefully almost exactly as they had been instructed to do.


When an SEO professional spends quite a few years in say a mobile app or digital marketing company, he/she begins to forget the fundamentals of any SEO strategy. In spite of establishing a powerful, solid, and long-term base for their new SEO project, they tend to rush things up.


It might show a satisfactory outcome at first, but, in the long run, when piles and piles of activities add up to the construction, and weight of the complete building grows more than the strength of the groundwork, things start to tremble.


When the idea to write a complete guide for SEO blew through my brain, the first thing I decided was that I will write it for the people who are extremely new to this field. Because as they say - “A good beginning often makes a good ending.”


Howbeit experienced SEOs can also take this guide into consideration if they want to make sure whether they are up to date or not or whether something is missing from their ‘tactic list’. This guide will start from point 9 because the previous one already had 8 points. So without wasting any further minute, let’s begin:


9. Organic Links - The Most Valuable Thing in SEO

When an influencer, a company, a news firm, or any renowned party links to you because they found something that belongs to you quite amazing. It can be anything, like a PPT you have created, your website, an infographics, a blog or even your quote.


Organic Links


These links are the only things that Google officially approves. On the contrary, these are very hard to get. As I said, first you will have to create something that’s out of the box, problem-solving, and helpful.


10. Blogger Outreach

A great many numbers of my friends and followers asked me about it. They consider it as a new concept in the world of SEO. But it is a very old concept. The blogger outreach combines the strategies of approaching influencing people (mostly bloggers) and request/make a pact for a link back.


Some of these links are paid, some are free, but it actually depends on your relationship with other bloggers in town and your relevant niche. Over a time of several months, you will be able to establish a good relationship with some popular bloggers and will be able to ramp up your website’s ranking to provide a quality link back to their website. Links from blogger outreach efforts are really worthwhile. Don’t miss out on them.


11. Links by Commenting

The market for these links is diminishing. Their value is fading every day. When you join the digital marketing team of a renowned website designing service, the possibility is that your seniors might tell you to comment on blogs, forums, user profiles, and books. But trust me, these links contain very little value for search engines.


However, if your advice on forums is really helpful, and you build up a reputation on certain relevant forums with your ideas, help, and not inserting any link to your site, slowly the weight of those links will escalate.


Blog Commenting


Okay as soon as my imagination goes, these were pretty much the basics to know before creating a link building strategy. And congratulations guys, because you have learned, I would say 10% about SEO link building.


Yep, you got it right, there’s still 90% remaining before you call yourself a pro in link building. But don’t worry, my next guide will cover “How to Plan a Powerful Link Building Campaign”. Thanks to your interest and response, I am now planning to create a complete, multi-article, step-by-step guide on the basics of link building.


That way, you will find everything you want in one place. And you won’t have to wander around scavenging for bit and pieces of scattered, unmanaged information. Thank you for reading.



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