Significance of Link Ghosts and Link Echoes in Your Website’s Ranking in SERP

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Significance of Link Ghosts and Link Echoes
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Significance of Link Ghosts and Link Echoes in Your Website’s Ranking in SERP


Backlinks rock, bookmarking stand out, and content marketing is the king. Every littlest of the factor that contributes to a website’s rankings in Google is worship-worthy for an SEO individual. And, anything that annoys Google i.e. violates its defined guidelines is a big no. 


However, there are a few things that keep the SEO working in website development companies in USA, in a constant dilemma due to the uncertainty of their effect on SEO. Link Ghost and Link Echoes are among them. Have you heard the term before? Sounds scary, aren’t they? Well, not if they can assist you in lifting up your website’s rank. 


In this short guide, we will discuss what Link Ghosts and Link Echoes actually are and what effects they have on your website’s rankings:


What are Link Ghosts?

It's said that man becomes a ghost once he dies. Likewise, links to your sites become Link Ghosts if they have been deleted, moved, or removed. 


What are Link Echoes?

Link Echoes are same as Link Ghosts and on a side note, you can even interchange one with another. The term 'Link Ghost' is popular among some SEO experts while quite a few prefer to go with the term 'Link Echoes'.


How Does a Link Echo Affect Your Site?

The experts at Moz & top website development services did extensive research to figure out the way Link Echos affect a website's rankings. They have come down to the following conclusions. 


1. Effect on Website Ranking

Deletion or removal a backlink to your site does not at all decelerate the ranking of your website. Still, a great many numbers of people stay wary of the very phenomena of having their website ranking struct with a bolt of lightning by Google. To all the fellow search engine optimization experts, take it into the account or write it down in your dearest diary that link echoes (if created by positive links) won’t sabotage your website’s position in search engines. 


2. Wait, My Website’s Rank was Compromised!

Some of the results show that in a few cases there were slight fluctuations in a website's ranking which were then recovered with time. Yep, it may happen. I am not contradicting my own words. But in exceptional scenarios, a few webmasters when looked back at their rankings after encountering dreadful link echoes, actually saw a declining ranking afterwards. But, don’t worry, it usually recovers with time. 


3. It May Actually Improve it

Shocking isn’t it? Quite a few results indicated that website's ranking was comparatively improved after having Link Echoes. Link echoes aren’t actually frightening. In fact, they are quite assisting in special scenarios. Several webmasters even reported that when one of their website faced the Link Echoes problem, their rankings began to improve over time. However, it’s not yet found that why does it happen, but may a few see it a green flag emergence due to reduction in spammy links.


As shown in the outcomes of the research, experts believe that having multiple Link Echoes has nothing to do with a decreased ranking of your website. So if you are facing a decline in the ranking, look for other factors such as an increased number of low-quality links and such.


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