Deliver An Amazing Shopping Experience to Your Users With These 7 Best eCommerce Personalization Tools, Part 1

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Ecommerce tool part 1
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eCommerce market is huge and growing with an intense speed. There is no sign that it will slow down in the upcoming years. Nowadays, people prefer to buy goods or services online because it gives them extreme convenience and saves a lot of their time.  

As per the statistics, the digital buyer penetration is expected to surpass 65 percent of the internet users worldwide by 2021. The eCommerce industry is getting bigger and expanding its revenue to the largest scale every year. 

It’s easy to build an eCommerce website with the help of any famous Web Development Company but, the real challenge occurs when it comes to hold the customers for longer or make them loyal to your brand.    

There are numerous eShops available online and to sustain among such huge competition is tough. But, if you have the ability to serve maximum level of personalization to the customers, you might surpass the competition easily.  Here, we have a short list of the 5 best eCommerce personalization tools for you. 


Granify is a great tool that adds a supreme level of personalization to your customer support. It is a website that is designed to help the eCommerce companies to raise their business revenue by using machine learning. 

It is currently used by many eShops to analyze their users' behaviors and interests. With its great ability to monitor approx 400 attributes per second, it thoroughly optimizes your online visitors' behaviors and quickly sends them the most accurate and relevant information regarding their requirements. 


Lime Spot is like a one tool combining the features of several tools. It helps you turn your visitors into customers and effectively increase your eCommerce website revenue by up to 67%.  

It helps you understand the users’ demographics and interests and increase your strength to provide relevant content recommendations to the customers. LimeSpot offers intelligent product recommendations for all the web pages like most popular products, instant "Add-to-Cart" on product pictures or top picks for you and makes your online store highly personalized for everyone. 


The tool helps you boost your conversions by integrating its powerful onsite retargeting technology with your eCommerce portal. It includes various advanced features such as exit intent & triggering,  targeting & segmentation, and set-up & integration. It is helping thousands of eCommerce companies to get millions of visitors every day. 

With its superior features, it quickly grabs the attention of your active and inactive visitors. It not only helps you get more subscribers and customers but, also recovers up to the 15% of abandoned users with onsite retargeting. These efficient elements make OptiMonk the best-personalized tool and set it apart from the tools.

These were a few eCommerce personalized tools that will help you Deliver An Amazing Shopping Experience to the Users (Part 2). If, you wish to have more information about the similar tools, you can continue reading and check out the second segment of the Article.  

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