The app tracks the AAD’s efficiency to deliver the Coca-Cola Bottles and makes sure they are not misusing their working time.

The Work

We initially had a few discussions with the company’s associates regarding their requirements. They mentioned their need as developing a simple and comprehensive app that could keep a track on their ADDs to minimize the delivering delay.

The Process

When you are serving a client as great as the Coca-Cola itself, the pressure to excel in every expectation dramatically grows very intense. The real challenge for us was to streamline every delicate segment of the app to create a highly effective system that could work proactively and track the worker’s activities in real time. After all the initial discussions with the client, our developers got action-packed and started working with their unceasing dedication.

Real-time information

It provides the real-time information of the sales employees to the client and helps them know whether the salesperson (AAD) made an actual visit to the customer’s location or not.

Actual time

It tracks every individual sales person's actual time spent on every location.

Number of visits

Provides the monthly record of the number of visits made by the AADs to customer’s places.

Accurate sales analysis

Offers an exact sales analysis monthly and quarterly.

The Results

The app was finally created successfully before the given time by the client. Apart from the basic tracking features, real-time data analysis feature was also enabled with the app. The client watched us with an amused expression throughout the development process and was very happy with the final outcome.