Developed to display updates of the participants, agendas, speakers, sponsors and sessions of the upcoming meetups of the Entrepreneur Network. Furthermore, the app offers a private social networking component to accomplish the engagement goals.

The Work

Being a worldwide congregation of leading entrepreneur, the speaking sessions of EO are organized frequently. The core committee of EO was looking for an app that could update the members regarding the details of the next event and has striking social communication features.

The Process

The development of EO was fixated on strengthening two major features: establishing an effective notification system that could reach specific entrepreneurs based on their fields of work, their location, and interest and second enabling them to converse with the speakers of a certain event. The design head of SITSL made it a point to instill state-of-the-art concepts and kept the messaging part identical to those popular social media channels. That idea eradicated the necessity of understanding the app’s messaging features before using it. Programming, testing, and deployment were the next phases to follow.

1. Messaging

Participants an event or just members of the organization can initiate conversation and ask questions to speakers.

2. Searching People Made Easy

With smart search features enabled, entrepreneurs can search one another with extreme convenience.

3. Post Updates and Share

Vouch enables its users to gift certain deals or vouchers to their friends either openly or secretly.

4. Social Community Features

With its own social community and messaging features, EO offers a stunning connect base to its users.

The Results

The client wanted to develop a mobile app that notifies information about the specific event and connect with the participants, speakers, and sponsors and the final masterpiece perfectly combined all the mentioned features with some extra ones suggested by SITSL.