The health app creates an interface between community and public health system. It also provides health-related consultation to people who find it difficult to access health services. Overall, the app provides health awareness in the people.

The Work

ANM & ASHA foundations were seeking to spread health and social awareness through digital mediums. That way, a larger portion of the urban as well as the rural population, could connect to healthcare professionals and consultants.

The Process

The rural population of India is still not much acquainted with today’s smart devices. On the other hand, their awareness of health and social causes is also the least. Hence, the design department of the SITSL took extra care in maintaining the utmost level of simplicity and ease of access. Once an uncomplicated design was developed, the development phase took place and the core features including broadcasting, text, audio, and video chats were added. Since it was a govt. Application, ramping up its security was also one of the top priorities. After continuous testing phases, the app was shielded with the highest measures of security.

1. Health Awareness

The app creates awareness on health and its social determinants.


2. Info on Healthy Living

Get information such as nutrition, basic sanitation, healthy living and working condition in just one click.


3. Baby Preparedness Counseling

This social awareness application by UNICEF offers crucial counseling on baby preparedness.


4. Multimedia Communication

Officials and consultants can communicate with people via audio and video calls.

The Results

The health application included the key four features that were initially mentioned by the officials those were 1.) ability to broadcast a health-related guideline 2.) separate baby preparedness counseling, 3.) effective communication with the public, and 4.) data on healthy-living.