A stunning mobile application that smartly enlists all the hottest events in the Caribbean bay. In the addition, it helps the participants to stay updated.

The Work

The primary idea behind the My Events application revolved around facilitating the people of Caribbean with a next-level event-notifier system with amazing interactive abilities. Even though, the client had their feature list ready, we stepped forward and added a few avant-garde ones and sieved the obsolete ones.

The Process

The development of the My Events app initially begun when the heads of our core five departments sat together. Soon, our designing, development, testing, planning, and project management teams offered their own pieces of plans to craft a wholesome, wonderful application. The designers conducted extra research to find out some specific hacks to ramp up the user experience. Since the designing tactics were entirely new, development and testing teams also put together their advanced efforts to maintain the flawlessness of the app.

1. Map Integration for Easy Navigation

To help users navigate to a specific location, a state-of-the-art map API was integrated into the app.


2. Create Personal Sets of Event Schedules

Users can scroll down to check the complete list of upcoming events and mark a few to add to their itinerary list.


3. Rate an Event. Submit a Detailed Review.

Rating and review features had been append to the app to make it easier for others to finalize certain events.


4. Social Community Features

Participants and general app users can share their views on an upcoming or previously conducted event through comments. Moreover, users can converse with each other as well.

The Results

After months of development and weeks of designing, the app finally came out as a masterpiece and not only exceeded the expectations of owners and also got instantly popular among the people of the Caribbean area.