ICICI bank’s very own chatbot assistant through which, account holders can check their balance, transfer funds, and accomplish any kind of recharge. Exclusively available to ICICI bank customer, this app envelops sky-high security.

The Work

By looking at the increasing numbers of regular customers with smartphones, ICICI bank was looking forward to handling thousands of ‘general’ queries through an AI-based mobile application that is both easy-to-operate and is able to provide accurate assistance.

The Process

Since a bank does offer plentiful services to its client, encapsulating those all into a single application was a tough job. The way people type their queries on a chatbot differs with their languages and much more. To tackle such challenges our NLP-powered chatbot department enlisted all the offered services along with various ways people could ask for them. Thanks to the valuable work of GupShup, the engineers were created a highly secure and advanced chatbot that was able to understand and reply to user’s general queries.

1. Account Balance Check

Users can check account balance by typing their name and account number after logging in to the bank’s official app.


2. Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Recharging your phone becomes easy with the app’s advanced features that exactly identifies your mobile service providers shows info about the available plans.


3. Bill Payments

Rating and review features had been append to the app to make it easier for others to finalize certain events.


4. Fund Transfer

Chatbot in ICICI’s iMobile application enables customers to easily and securely transfer funds from one account to another.

The Results

The spectacular Chatbot once developed, not only adopted the app’s theme, but, at the same time, it successfully handled all the aforementioned features. We are proud to announce our partnership with GupShup.