A creative digital space that facilitates retailers and users both. Available in the web and mobile app platforms, Vouch enables retailers to post discount vouchers and customers to find them with ease.

The Work

When the owners of Vouch approached us with the idea, we were quite happy to handle the project because it was unlike anything that we have ever created or was in action anywhere. Hence, we accepted the challenge.

The Process

When you create a brand-new idea right from the scratch, you need to contemplate about making it convenient-to-use upfront. When the plan of Vouch was on the designing table, our design-in-chief, made it a point to make the navigation as easy as possible. The next phases that fell into the place were - development, testing, security encryption, and deployment. Robustness and security were the most focused elements of the entire development process because a platform with plenty of users has a high vulnerability to threats.

Features of Vouch

1. Offer Deals, Discounts, and Vouchers

Retailers of all shapes and sizes can post their vouchers and deals.

2. Buy, Add-to-Wishlist Diverse Vouchers

Subscribed users can view, purchase, and add to their wish lists the vouchers which interest them.

3. Gifting Vouchers to Friends

Vouch enables its users to gift certain deals or vouchers to their friends either openly or secretly.

4. Social Community Features

Vouch strives to keep its users' engagement quotient up with its own social community features.

The Results

The final masterpiece included all the features the client initially sought in the app, plus a few more we suggested during the development. Providing the users an interactive community to get engaged was one of them