Here’s How You Stay a Step Ahead of Google Algorithm Changes

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I was never a big fan of Hypochondriasis. And in the near future, I plan not to become one. But, when you are a digital marketer and have to live like a fish in the lake owned by Google, it’s okay to remain a bit under the weather. Well, I am not anyone to judge anything here. I would rather take the utmost pleasure in guiding my fellow readers to the light of ‘how to maintain your rankings when an algorithm changes’.

I am working in a top-notch website development company for almost 5 years. And here, research and analysis are as important as the work itself. So far, I have seen several Google Algo Changes taking place and blowing the house of cards digital marketers have set up over time. I have seen the ranking of websites being shifted down from three to sixty-three. However, when you have several projects under your hand to research on, you at least get to know what worked well when everything else trampled.

The quality of content which basically includes the way one writes out an idea, how one lays it off, whether the post is quenching all the possible questions and queries that may occur in reader’s mind, and whether there are enough infographics, images, charts, and videoes to support the documents on certain points where just the text is not enough. In a nutshell, content that was engaging, prevailing, descriptive, and factful at the same time, rocked.

So, the quality content is the first thing one should never compromise with. The landscapes where you are distributing your quality content come next in the priority list. Are you making 80 low-quality links out of each piece of original content? Stop right there. Are you making just 10 links of high quality out of it? Keep going, I assure you will be safe in the long run while others will be recovering from a deep shock.

The next part is research, analysis, and applying what you’ve learned. While gut feeling is a thing, you can’t just weed out crucial insights, data, and statistics. There are some tools that help you for the same. Again, during your research voyage, you may feel that one tool isn’t enough, and that’s true. Here’ the list of my favorite tools for making a solid digital marketing strategy.

1. SEMRush

What made SEMrush top on this list is its all-in-one dashboard that displays a comprehensive performance review of a certain domain. On the top of that, it shows the rankings for all keywords a domain is targeting for along with the monthly traffic volume. Moreover, you can put your or your client’s domain and see the list of error it contains.


2. Remove’em

We all have our pretty share of mischievous doings. And years ago, when we paid out of our nose for those thousands of backlinks without knowing that a good sum of them was actually spam, we didn’t know that in Google’s eyes, our business will someday become a spammer. The $99 monthly plan of Remove’em will put you out of your dilemma forever. It finds and deletes all your backlinks that appear as spam.


3. Check My Links

I have to include this one in the list because, unlike the aforementioned two tools, it doesn’t require a payment upfront. It’s free and does wonders for that value. Check My Link simply carries out what it states - it checks out your website’s links that whether they are working or not. Upon turning it on, it will detect broken links as red and mark the good ones as green. Therefore, you can patch up bad ones before you make it live.


Today’s marketing methods, whether online or offline are gradually becoming paid. To generate top quality content, links, research and analysis, you would sooner than later crave for the premium tools. They play a significant role even for the activities you perform for organic rankings (which is the foundation and primary goal of SEO). Hence, I suggest to try them for a while. For small-scale firms, sharing would work. But, I am pretty sure that once you witness the magic of the premium tools, you won’t switch back. Read our article on how to master the cute web design here

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