5 Stunning Benefits of Drupal 8 for Web Developers

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Benefits of Drupal 8 for Web Developers
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5 Stunning Benefits of Drupal 8 for Web Developers


Drupal is an open-source Content Management Platform (CMS) widely utilized by a number of small to large-sized businesses to create websites and applications across the globe. With its new, much-appreciated version, Drupal 8, it just has gotten better. The official website claims that the latest version is packed with 200 new features and improvements to offer a whole new digital marketing experience. Due to its stunning features and integrations, many startups are now approaching Drupal website CMS development services in USA


So, what’s there to expect in Drupal 8? Let’s have a look at the enhanced features of Drupal:


1. Native Support for Integrations

Drupal 8 features four web service modules in the core that make it easy and smooth to build interactions in your website. HTTP Basic Authentication, Serialization, RESTful web services, and HAL modules have the ability to explicitly support multiple external applications in your web application or blog.  It offers inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to facilitate customer interaction analysis and to patch records. It grants you granular control to allocate available resources to the specific tasks. You can even manage your social media posts and email campaigns directly through your website.


2. API-First Publishing 

With Drupal 8, you can experience a whole new way to access or output your content. It enables you to output your content in all popular file formats such as XML with added simplicity. The content can be accessed through APIs. This extended flexibility suggests another reason to elect Drupal for professional website development. 


3. Increased Performance and Scalability

Drupal 8 emphasize over automating otherwise time-consuming content management factors. JavaScripts sometimes cause issues while accessing the same website in mobiles while Drupal offers better alternatives for developing a mobile-friendly website. The CSS/JS aggregation in Drupal 8 is turned on by default thus you won’t have to devote your precious time in turning it on. The cache tags are more accurate and faster than before that ultimately makes content invalidating quick.   


4. Improved Testing

Testing has always been one of the most crucial phases of a development lifecycle. The robustness, reputation, and user-experience greatly depend on the testing. Drupal 8, along with all its stunning features has gone a long way to improving the testing ability for both browser and API. Its BrowserTestBase follows PHP standards and provides a better alternative than conventional means of testing. It’s KernelTestBase, on the other hand, is focused on API testing that helps you ensure that all the components of the application are working flawlessly.


5. Content Creation Doesn’t Feel Like a Chore Anymore

Drupal 8 hasn’t just prioritized development over all other factors associated with your website. In its new update, several features were added to provide a commendable content creation experience. That is to say, you can now access, manage, and edit your content from your smartphone as well, thanks to the inbuilt mobile responsiveness of Drupal 8’s themes. 


The content interface is primarily made of two major elements: the core part where much of your site’s content is written, and the settings part that enables you to make changes to the structure or other visual aspects of your core content. CKEditor helps in image alignment and captions and it can be done from your smartphone regardless of where you are. All things considered, opting for a Drupal website CMS development company is your best option if you need a fast, responsive website. 


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