4 Overriding Things Customers Expect from Chatbots

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what today\\\'s customers expects from chatbots
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4 Overriding Things Customers Expect from Chatbots


The past three years can be marked as the most evolving years for chatbots. Due to their stunning capability to revolutionize the customer-communication horizon, chatbots are slowly changing the way the online industries operate and interact with their customers and employees.


For many Chatbot development companies, customer trust has been an issue. And there’s a solid ground that bolsters this phenomenon. Chatbots without a doubt are faster & cheaper than human customer care executives because of their extraordinary capabilities to find, process, and distribute a piece of information faster than that of a human’s. Additionally, apart from the initial development cost and a few bucks spent in maintenance and updates, they cost virtually nothing.


Having considered that chatbots are still not human. And that’s exactly it makes sense if customers stay wary of them and don’t trust them as much as they trust human executives. So we haven’t won the chatbots war yet. There’s still a oodles to do before they win a customer’s trust.


What Customers Think

Except for developers and the people who spend a lot of time interacting with online marketplaces, chatbots are still new to most of the customers. Hence, like every other disruptive technology, we can expect some degree of trepidation in customers for these communicating bots.


On the contrary, several studies conducted in the past 12 months, strongly indicate that chatbots are being liked by customers on a gradual rate. To simplify it, approximately 70% of customers preferred talking to a chatbot when the task they wanted to carry out was simple. And only 30% of them were confident about using bots for complex tasks. Furthermore, lot’s of other studies suggest that the upcoming years might be thriving for Chatbots if we concentrate on improving the following aspect about them.


1. Saving Customer’s Time

The good thing about chatbots is, they stay up 24/7 to take down a customer’s query. However, an average customer seeks way more than just the long hour's availability. He wants to confirm that interacting with a chatbot will actually solve their problem way before a human can do.


2. Accuracy of Responses

The accuracy is probably the most cardinal aspect where bots are still lacking. So far, they are cool with carrying out some simple tasks such as taking a food order or asking for a customer’s review. But, unless they provide highly-precise and accurate solutions to some next-level complex customer problems, they won’t completely reign over the customer communication world.


3. Issue Escalating Abilities

The last few years have recommended us that we can’t outright rely on chatbots, sit back, and take a nap. They still can’t solver more than 80% of the customers’ problems fully on their own. Therefore, they have to be equipped with functionalities to be enabled to recognize their incompetence and when to escalate an issue to human representatives.


4. A Human Way to Talk

Wouldn’t you like to talk to a chatbot that is witty, makes wise jokes all while delivery accurate answers to your queries? Chatbots that beautifully mimics the way humans talk have a high chance to survive and win you more customers than you would have ever imagined.


In my recent years of working as a content manager in a prominent chatbot development service, I have noticed that sometimes firms get more focused on designing a pretty interface for their chatbots than to equip them with a state-of-the-art version of the aspects mentioned above. For every business whether small or large, the most crucial thing is how much their customers trust them, their services, and products. Chatbot as services platform needs to win the trust of your customers unless you want to see a diminishing customer-retention graph and to acquire that trust, chatbots have to be packed with the abilities mentioned above.


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