4 Tips to Make Your Facebook Ads More Successful & Unaffected By Its Updated News Feed Algorithm

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Facebook may have changed its news feed algorithm and hampered the businesses’ marketing efforts, there are still some techniques that one can follow to make their ads more successful and unaffected by the changes.

We have already discussed the complete news in our earlier blog, here we will be assisting you with a few tips that are currently followed by most of the best Website Development Companies to overcome the after-effects of updated news feed algorithm.

The POST Methodology


POST stands for People Objectives Strategies Tactics that is considered one of the best ways to approach the customers. However, this is an old social marketing method that was invented a long back in 2007, it can still help you get back on track and make your digital marketing effectively functional.

This methodology lets you create a strong content strategy based on the actual requirements of your targeted audience and business. It also helps you find the best platform to execute your marketing plan. Now when the latest Facebook News Feed Algorithm is hitting the whole market, you can play smart with this old tactic and connect well with your audience.

It will not only make your approaches more authentic but, also let you find out on which pages the customers are spending their maximum time and connect with them directly because as per the changed algorithm, the only way to connect with consumers on Facebook is through authenticity in your messaging.

Facebook Post Engagement Ads


Another way to keep your reach high on Facebook is the use of Facebook Post Engagement Ads. This is a paid option you have to give your posts a bit of a push instantly. Paying a little amount of money here could get you a nice reach of the customers

The changes that Facebook has made in its news feed algorithm don’t have any impacts on the paid ads. It is just prioritizing the posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people, friends or families over the public and promotional content.

You still have Facebook advertising to spread awareness about your brand and promote your products or services. It is also advised by some of the well-known Website Development Service agencies to their clients just after the news got broken.

Pick Videos and Go Live


You may not be able to get the same response on your text-based posts as earlier since the Facebook news feed algorithms have changed but, do you know the platform still prioritizes the videos. It means you can use videos to boost your marketing campaign’s engagement and can also utilize Facebook Live to expand the organic reach.

Despite the Facebook algorithm change, video advertisement and Facebook live are still favored by the platform to encourage the interactions. Involve these two great aspects to your strategy and make your posts more persuasive.

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